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  • listings
    nasdaq welcomes zscaler, inc.

    zscaler (nasdaq:zs), a leader in cloud security, visited the nasdaq marketsite in celebration of its initial public offering

    see the ceremony
  • tech
    nasdaq"s fintech trends 2018

    how technology is rewriting the capital markets

    get the report
  • indexes
    new white paper released on nasdaq-100

    one of the most widely tracked indexes in the world with ties to exchange-traded products exceeding $60 billion in aum.

    read the paper
  • nasdaq
    nasdaq "rings the bell for gender equality"

    in support of international women"s day, nasdaq"s exchanges across the globe showed support for women"s economic empowerment.

    learn more
  • market data
    sina to offer nasdaq last sale and global index data

    this leading online media company is now an official nasdaq vendor in china.

    read more
  • nasdaq
    celebrating 10 years of nasdaq and omx read the article
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  • 杨昌军:大山深处“单人校”的守护者 2018-09-09
  • 北京举行教师节庆祝活动 定义新时代好老师 2018-09-09
  • 特教老师杨帆:将无声的世界涂满色彩 2018-09-09
  • 广东水泥槽罐车侧翻致9死 涉案人员被批捕 2018-09-09
  • 无人机家族添新成员 警用无人机防控新时代 2018-09-09
  • 大型科普公益活动科学之夜 走进安徒生童话乐园 2018-09-09
  • 知识付费“风口”仍在继续 你会为知识付费吗 2018-09-08
  • 六所高校开展残疾学生高等融合教育试点 2018-09-08
  • 双休日缘何成“难休日” 部分员工维权常遭“为难” 2018-09-08
  • 谁是视频首发者?昆山反杀案引公共监控视频管理之问 2018-09-08
  • 中国在美高端人才为何纷纷回国?除高薪还有这个原因 2018-09-08
  • 公安部拟推新规:这些情况,民警个人不担责 2018-09-08
  • 欧盟和美国的贸易差
  • 一路一带路的发展进程
  • 中美贸易战对中美两国及世界的影响
  • dnf铁血统帅二觉加点
  • 湖北一在建隧洞发生事故
  • 湖北广水隧洞
  • 台湾小三通如何申请
  • 如何推动工作高质量发展
  • 投之家朱明春
  • 专业高考志愿填
  • 我世界海洋版
  • 党组对基层党组织
  • 自己改装跑车
  • 江西浮梁县长
  • 首套首付利率
  • 第五人格空军图片
  • 白蛇传之天乩传说
  • 公司半年经营
  • 电视看不了世界杯了
  • 肇事逃逸致人死亡和酒驾肇事逃
  • 中餐厅第二季人
  • today"s insights

    march 16, 2018? -- zscaler (zs) and senmio technology (aihs) have joined the nasdaq stock market.

    marketinsite:? nasdaq blog

    {{firstnews.published | date: "mmm d, yyyy"}}

    today"s insights

    march 16, 2018? -- zscaler (zs) and senmio technology (aihs) have joined the nasdaq stock market.

    marketinsite:? nasdaq blog
    {{news.published | date: "mmm d, yyyy"}}
    learn more

    market data


    td ameritrade"s real talk and nasdaq"s ceo .

    adena friedman discusses value of data and technology for retail investors.

    corporate solutions


    nasdaq advisory live .

    tune in every thursday morning at 10:30am et for a recap of the week"s market and trading activity.

    market data
    read the article .
    corporate solutions



    2018 biotech ipo predictions .

    nasdaq’s head of healthcare listings, shares his 2018 predictions for biotech ipos.

    market intelligence


    february review and market update .

    provided by nasdaq"s market intelligence desk

    read more > .
    market intelligence
    read the mid"s review .
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